The heart of production

Wandanna comprises two wineries: the historical winery, dated since the Leopoldine era, dedicated today to the wines aging and to welcoming our guests for wine and olive oil tastings and event organising. The main winery, inaugurated in the early 2000s, is dedicated to the wine production, from the vineyards to the bottle. Both wineries have been equipped with the most advanced technology for processing the grapes and the wines.
The natural techniques are not limited to the vineyards but they are being applied to the winery with the same passion
Professionalism and passion are the criterias that, during the three decades that the winery belongs to the Fantozzi family, have been at the foundation of what Wandanna is today. Both wineries are computerized, equipped with machine for controlling the barrel’s temperature electronically, refrigerated rooms wich during the harvest are being used for lowering the grapes’ temperature and to maintain inaltered the flavours, while during the summer they are being used for the wines’ preservation. The presses wich are processing the grapes at a low intensity allow the techniques of cryomaceration and the fermentative maceration.
We produce passion

We produce passion

The product range, developed by the oenologist Dr. Stefano Chioccioli, offers a vast variety, which besides the classics red and white Montecarlo D.o.c. includes a wide selection of I.g.t. as well.
An authentic passion for winemaking combined with a deep knowledge of the field, are the essential trademarks of the winery Wandanna.

From the vineyard to the cellar

The end of August marks the beginning of the harvest, which lasts until mid October. We harvest manually and the pre-selection of the grapes takes place on the field.