Montecarlo, a Tuscan jewel

Montecarlo, a Tuscan jewel

An intactly preserved medieval village, founded in 1333 by emperor Carl IV of Bohemia.
It is a very well known place, famous for its history, its wine and its oil, the hospitality and genuiness of its people and not at least, its gastronomical tradition which awaits only to be discovered.

Discover the places worth a visit in the proximity of Wandanna


8 km


A small medieval village situated in the county of Pescia, is the place that inspires the famous story “The adventures of Pinocchio”. Here you can find the Collodi park dedicated to the story, a very original and charming place.

15 km


One of the most loved art Tuscan cities, Lucca is the one stop that cannot be missed during an itinerary dedicated to the discovery of Tuscan’s traditions and its patrimony.

15 km


The town of Montecatini Terme is well known and appreciated for its thermal waters and their properties, for its historical buildings and for its architectural heritage built around the thermal springs.

27 km


Also named “The town of the enchanted stone”, Pistoia is a place wich will astonish not only the art-lovers but the traditions-lovers too, both celebrated by poets and writers over the years.

29 km


The birthplace of the most proeminent figure of the Reinassance, Leonardo Da Vinci. A very well preserved medieval fortress, which offers its visitors a charming atmosphere.

35 km


With its golden beaches and a mild climate, Versilia will charm you with its natural parks and small resorts, and with a lively night-life, animated by entertainment shows.

36 km


The famous Leaning Tower makes Pisa a top attraction for tourists all over the world; besides this, the antique Marine Republic has more to offer, like its monuments, parks and shops.

56 km


Surrounded by the Apuane Alps and Tuscan Emilian Apennines, furrowed by the Serchio river, Garfagnana is an inviting place, rich in natural beauty, traditions and history.

62 km


Known as “The crawdle of Reinassance” Florence is a true open ‘air museum’ in itself, with its monuments, the historical palaces and its millenary culture.

70 km

San Gimignano

This antique fortress is one of Tuscany’s most iconic places. Already an UNESCO heritage, famous for the incredible number of towers which spire on the roofs of the small walled city.