Deep-rooted tradition

A part of Tuscany dedicated to viticulture for more than 1000 years, a family with a history of centuries in Montecarlo, devoted to trade and winemaking for generations, a company whose name tells a story for more than 80 years, this is what Wandanna is.

Our products

From the richness and variety of our vines, to our wide experience and to the most modern techniques borns the quality of our wines, faithful to the principle that ‘a land is as good as the man who works it’.

Experience the heart of Tuscany

An ancient territory intactly preserved, located at only 50 km away from the Pisa and Florence airports, connected to the main highways and railway networks, an ideal place to unwind and feel the real taste of Tuscany while being only one hour away from the most popular Tuscan tourist destinations.
Ivaldo & Nero di Taccone, Syrah e Cabernet d’autore
Ivaldo & Nero di Taccone, Syrah e Cabernet d’autore
Tuscany Lands